2023: Opinion poll tips Peter Mbah as likely winner of Enugu Guber

By Philip Odoh

An independent opinion poll conducted by a nonpartisan coalition of civil society organizations has tipped the PDP gubernatorial candidate Mr Peter Mbah as the likely winner of the 2023 gubernatorial election in the state.

The group known as Civil Rights Mandate has concluded an independent evaluation of the candidates that presented themselves for governorship position in the state and declared that Mr Peter Mbah won with very big margin.

The criteria for assessing the best among the candidates according to the group include; eligibility to contest in the election, what they do for a living, their manifesto, reputation, antecedents, credibility and acceptability.

Unknown to the party candidates who delights in contesting for one position or the other without specific targets for societal development, the voters have been observing and forming opinions on how to vote, irrespective of any form of inducement.

The Good Governance group revealed that the people of are now more interested in voting for someone who will ensure adequate provision of universal health coverage, access to primary healthcare for Enugu residents, which were part of Peter Mbah’s blueprint.

Interestingly, reports from various communities in the area revealed that the CEO of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited Mr Peter Mbah has been using his personal resources to better the lot of humanity over the years, so is more likely to do amazing things if elected on Saturday March 18th, 2023.

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