Ever since my friend, Barrister Oyibo Chukwu, was murdered in cold blood in his Nkanu home land, I still find it difficult to believe that it happened.

The last time we spoke on phone about one week before his death, he kept talking of his desire to set a new standard of senate representation in his senatorial zone based on the principles of justice, equity and unity of Nkanu land.

Oyibo Chukwu was a strong, fearless and very peaceful man who cannot hurt a fly.
He abhorred every kind of violence. Yet he died a most violent death.

One very disturbing aspect of this dreadful event is that up till now, there has not been any clue about the perpetrators as the first step in serving justice to the spirit of Oyibo Chukwu.
Yet, it is a clear as day that the pattern of Oyibo Chukwu’s murder is the self same pattern that was common in the days of political reign of terror in Enugu State few years back.

This has made me ask myself some questions.

If Oyibo Chukwu, such a great son of Nkanu land can be killed in such a gruesome manner in Nkanu land and nobody in Nkanu land said anything, then who am I who resides in part of Nkanu land?

If Oyibo Chukwu, a seasoned lawyer and advocate of justice in society can be killed and burnt to ashes and there is no serious action by lawyers, who am I who is not a lawyer?

If I should suffer the same fate like Oyibo Chukwu, who will speak or fight for me?

If Oyibo Chukwu, who was a senatorial candidate for Labour party, which is one of the most popular parties in Nigeria at the moment can die the way he died, and no update from the police on the murder, who am I who is not a politician or public office holder should anything happen to me?

These questions fill my mind with fear and apprehension about returning to my house at Enugu.

And until the killers of my friend Oyibo Chukwu are unmasked by the police or whoever, then people like me will need a gun to enter Enugu again.

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