APGA denies attack on Catholic Archbishop, disowns alleged petition to the Pope

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The All Progressives Grand Alliance has dismissed speculations linking the party with some faceless individuals reported to have petitioned the leadership of the Catholic Church over alleged involvement of Most Rev’d Dr Valerian Okeke in instigating of voters during the March 18th presidential election.

According to the Special Adviser to Gov Chukwuma Soludo Dr Alex Obiogbolu, the news was not only fake but was a ploy to discredit the party which has a long standing cordial relationship with the Church and the good people of Anambra State.

He however, cautioned the impersonators to desist from using the party’s name for their selfish interests, noting that the party leadership under Prof Chukwuma Soludo is more concerned about providing a livable homeland for Anambrarians in line with his campaign promises which is now visible in many areas of the state.

Similarly, the National Coordinator of APGA Media Warrior Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe reacting via his social media handle equally condemned the report as not emanating from APGA Media. His reaction read in part;

“I have done my investigation and can happily report that even before this my reaction that our highly revered Archbishop Valerian Okeke and Catholic Priests of Onitsha Archdiocese dismissed the above referred news report as the handiwork of mischievous elements.

“They are also of the opinion that the above referred news report did not emanate from the political camp of APGA.

“Having said this, I will now spill the means in respect of the things that transpired in the just concluded general election.

“As a matter of fact, the Church supported Peter Obi during the Presidential election and they were instrumental to the votes he was able to garner during that election.

“But when it was time for Governorship and State House of Assembly election, they advised him to refrain from his plan to impose Labour Party dominated House of Assembly members in Anambra State.

“I reliably gathered that they told him that for peace to reign in Anambra that they prefer APGA to clinch majority of the seats in Anambra House of Assembly.

“Peter Obi ignored their advice and continued hatching his evil plot against Governor Soludo because he is already seeing himself as a demigod.

“The resultant effect of Peter Obi refusal to heed to the advice of our respected clergies is the disgrace he suffered on March 18th.

“He told some prominent people that I know very well that his mission is to stop Governor Soludo from completing his remaining 3years in office and that if Soludo eventually succeed to complete his 1st term in office that he will not want him to go for 2nd term.

“He revealed to one of the prominent person that he will not mind using the last drop of his blood to ensure that Valentine Ozigbo takes over from Governor Soludo.

“The above referred piece is part of the political joker they resolved to play on a condemnable bid to unseat Governor Soludo at all cost.

“The plan is to pit Governor Soludo against the Archbishop and all our respected Priests.

“What they did is already a failed plot because both the Archbishop and the Priests in Onitsha Archdiocese did not believe their cock and bull story.

“There is no association known as concerned Catholics and members of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra.

“The truth remains that APGA faithfuls in Anambra are happy with Archbishop Valerian Okeke and all the other Catholic Bishops in Anambra.

“They see them as Father figures that played their role very well in the just concluded election.

“We can’t forget in a hurry how two Priests that veered off their duty to dabble into politics and threw tantrums on Governor Soludo were cautioned by the leadership of the Church.

“APGA did not at any point in time accuse Archbishop Valerian Okeke of playing partisan politics and the party did not write any petition against him to the Pope.

“The general public are advised to disregard the fabricated tissue of lies that emanated from the camp of disgruntled opposition elements.

“APGA as a party will defend the Archbishop against the wicked plot of these disgruntled opposition elements.

“We hold Archbishop Valerian Okeke in high esteem and will not tolerate any attempt to soil his hard earned reputation.

“Those behind the smear campaign of calumny against Archbishop Valerian Okeke are advised in their own interest to remove the hand of the monkey from the soup pot before it turns to the hand of a human being that will be cut off.

“The wrath of God will definitely fall on the faceless idiots that are using the name of APGA to attack Archbishop Valerian Okeke without any justification for their despicable action,” he stated.

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