Why Ndigbo keeps missing out on NASS leadership

A case of cutting one’s nose to spite the face

By Tony Ezike

Political strategies that works are often conceived and pursued over time by visionary politicians, except for very rare situations whereby people in authority deploy their veto power to circumvent the institutional provisions.

The Nigerian parliament which comprises the Senate, the Federal House of Representatives and State House of Assembly is guided by a set of rules which determines effective functioning and operational effectiveness of each chamber.

These chambers, with special emphasis on the national assembly have standing rules and regulations guiding the process of electing principal officers and committee leaders who are designated to oversee the functions of government institutions in the country.

The role of hierarchy in allocating sensitive offices of the NASS cannot be dismissed wishfully, considering its crucial importance to effectiveness and efficient functioning of the of the institution, which entails a lot of experience. Unfortunately, some people tend to sacrifice their chances of getting such positions on the alter of cheap political sentiments.

A typical case in point is that of the current President of Nigerian Senate Ahmad Lawan and his HoR counterpart Hon Femi Gbajabiamila both of whom have spent about 20 unobstructed years as federal lawmakers. This explains why they even made the list of nominees for the top job which both chambers insists on reserving for members who are knowledgeable about the workings of the National Assembly.

Is it not ridiculous that while voters from other regions keeps preparing, positioning and pushing their leaders forward to gain more chances of emerging as principal officers at the NASS, their south east counterparts were busy voting just about anyone who wears the label of their choice political party in conscious disregard of integrity?

Funny enough, in every dispensation Ndigbo keeps clamouring for the top job at the NASS despite their inability to accept the reality which provides for particularly ranking members to administer such sensitive positions. Unfortunately the agitators have consistently failed to support their kind who have shown total commitment to quality representation as lawmakers.

Since nobody is perfect, yet Ndigbo could not tolerate the imperfections of their representatives irrespective of their ranking status and proven legislative capacity, is it still advisable to agitate for key positions that requires years of experience, understanding and tolerance?

Indeed, durable buildings are established on well planned foundations, and it seems the Southeast region has consistently worked against the framework for possible actualization of President of Nigeria Senate or Speaker of the Federal House of representatives, as they continue working for the second fiddle option which equally tends to elude the region in most cases.

Truly, except the region thinks deep politically, set targets and follow them up over time, critical leadership positions in the country will continue to elude them no matter how much people commit to complaints, agitations or petty blackmail against one another.

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