Address the root cause of fuel hike, AdaOzubulu tells FG

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Lady Juliet Anaeme popularly known as AdaOzubulu has called on the federal government of Nigeria to carefully identify and address the root cause of fuel hike in the country as a key to checking periodic increase of petroleum pump price and its negative impacts on the country’s economy.

AdaOzubulu raised concerns over trending issues and challenges facing the country during an interview with Reportera News as captured below:

In this interview session, Lady Juliet Anaeme, a social activist and politician, urged the government to act fast to cushion the effects of these challenges and restore stability and growth.

Lady Juliet Anaeme, said that the government needs to implement strong fiscal and monetary policies that can stimulate the economy and reduce inflation. She suggested that the government should increase its spending on infrastructure, health, education and social protection, while also reducing wastage and corruption. She also advocates for a flexible exchange rate regime that can attract foreign investment and ease the pressure on the naira.

She also said that the government should address the root causes of the fuel price hike, which she attributes to the lack of domestic refining capacity and the dependence on imported petroleum products.
She urged the government to invest in renewable energy sources and promote energy efficiency.

Furthermore, she said that the high cost of living is making it difficult for the people to survive. She complained that the prices of goods and services have skyrocketed, while the income of workers has remained stagnant. She appeals to the government to provide relief measures such as tax breaks, low-interest loans, grants and subsidies to help small businesses cope with the situation. She also asked the government to improve security and reduce violence in the country.

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