Biggie’s Parrot forces apologies amidst unending clashes, Frodd becomes dad

By Oghenovo Egodo-Michael

Big Brother’s parrot has continued to taunt the housemates with juicy secret conversations leaving them on their toes to figure out who said what. The parrot exposed Seyi’s take on Doyin and Ilebaye’s relationship, where he stated that he was so happy that Doyin and Ilebaye fought. He also stated that Doyin was a tormentor whose parents failed in their duties. Doyin rained insults on whoever said that about her, and Seyi eventually apologised. This made Doyin and Ilebaye sort out their issue and made a decision that they would no longer fight in the house to the delight of the housemates.

Another highlight of the parrot’s reveal was when it informed housemates of Pere and Kiddwaya’s plan to spoil some of the ‘ships’ in the house. The ships currently waxing strong in the house are that of Angel and Soma, and Venita and Adekunle.

The parrot also revealed Doyin’s comment on Kidwaya’s weight, where she referred to him as a ‘fat idiot’ during a conversation with her friend, Ilebaye. Doyin admitted to this and apologised to Kidwaya.

Meanwhile, Ilebaye got a double strike earlier in the week for laying hands on Cee C  during the altercation they had last week. Cee C was also issued a strike for provocation. The duo was exempted from the HOH games, Pardon Me Please and the Black Envelope Challenge for this week as part of their punishment.

Princess also became the first housemate to be evicted from the show even though she was not the contestant with the least votes last week.

She, Seyi, and Ike received the lowest votes from viewers, but her fate was decided by Biggie’s jury, which included former housemates— Bisola Aiyeola, Dorathy Bachor, and Mike Edwards.

For the Head of House games, Ike won and became this week’s Head of House.

This week saw many altercations and fights in the house, especially during the housemates’ preparation for their wager task. Uriel confronted Venita for sharing roles based on favouritism, instead of individual strengths. Venita chose Mercy Eke and Frodd as the queen and king respectively in their upcoming drama presentation.

Pere and Adekunle also had a confrontation because of how Pere had talked to Venita during one of their rehearsals for the weekly wager task. Adekunle felt that Pere commanded Venita and this led to a war of words between the two. Pere, who was the director of the movie, authoritatively instructed Venita to remove the cap on her head and place it on Kiddwaya.

Angel and Cee C also had a clash. Cee C had made an insulting comment about the housemates, because of some challenges experienced while trying to put the script for their wager presentation in order. Angel, who claimed to have been working on the script since 6am while the other housemates slept, quickly charged at Cee C, warning her not to get on her nerves.

Adekunle and Neo also had a heated argument because Adekunle hid some of the alcohol in the house in a bid to prevent housemates from getting drunk, so as to keep focus on their task. Neo did not have any of this and despite Adekule’s explanations for his actions, Neo insisted that the alcohol be made available for everyone’s consumption.

The big day for the task finally came and some of the housemates displayed their acting skills, including Ilebaye, Whitemoney and Frodd. However, the housemates lost the wager task, because according to Biggie, they forgot the most crucial part of the task.

Later on, Frodd announced the good news of his wife’s birth to the housemates. His wife gave birth to their first child on Friday, August 11, 2023. He was very happy, and the housemates shared his joy. Meanwhile, Frodd also won the Pardon Me immunity for this week and is safe from the next eviction.

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