Intimacy between filmmakers, actresses shouldn’t be forced — Doris Ifeka

By Tofarati Ige

An actress, Doris Ifeka, is of the view that though intimacy between actresses and filmmakers is not prohibited, it should be consensual, not forced.

Asked if she had ever experienced sexual harassment in the industry, she said, “As an actress, it is almost certain that one would experience sexual harassment, because some producers would want to sleep with one before giving one any jobs. So, yes, I have experienced it.

“I don’t have a problem with a producer liking an actress. If the feeling is mutual, no problem. What I have an issue with is a producer saying he must sleep with an actress before working with her.

“I recall being in such a situation but I won’t mention the name of the person involved. I was still coming up in the industry then. A particular producer wanted us to work together, and he told me to pay him in exchange for a role. The money the person was demanding for was not much, but I told him I did not have the money at that time. I also told him that if he did not want to work with me until I paid him, I was fine with that.

“I insisted, and he eventually called me back to play the role, without paying.”

The English Language graduate of the University of Lagos also stated that she was excited about her brand ambassadorial deal with Buga as it was her first endorsement.

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