Equity, fairness, strong pillars of good governance, says Oligbo

File: Ike Oligbo

By Tony Ezike

The leader of a political interest group known as THINK DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT (THINKDEM) Chief Ike Oligbo has called on Nigerian electoral, judicial and democratic institutions to prioritize equity and fairness in the electoral process and in dispensing justice, as a key to restoring anticipated democratic normalcy in Nigeria.

The Anambra born former Gubernatorial Aspirant disclosed this to Citypost in a telephone chat on Friday following the growing lack of trust and confidence in the electoral and judicial system which has triggered the ALL EYES ON THE JUDICIARY slogan.

“Those billboards in my opinion are not living things that could trigger political problems, rather they play a critical role towards mindset correction of both the Chambers and the Judicial Plane charged to do justice to a cause of action or an appeal from a ruling of a trial court judge.”

“As a trained Lawyer, I sincerely feel concerned when the citizens refer to Nigerian lawyers as liars which in all fairness to them is actually applicable to some legal practitioners who choose to sacrifice genuine democracy on the alter of selfish interest”

Speaking further, Oligbo warned security agencies against overstepping constitutional boundaries in the process of arrest and custody to enable them maintain cordial relationship with the civilians who needs more of protection than persecution from security agencies obviously funded by taxpayers.

He called on The Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON to review its decision to remove ALL EYES ON THE JUDICIARY billboards and focus on addressing other pressing engagements and official challenges facing the agency.

The globally renowned CEO also urged Nigerians to remain calm and pray ceaselessly for the rebirth and reinvention of the country’s democracy through proper electoral and judicial processes.

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