LGA autonomy critical to driving home prosperity, says Ekwunife

… Urges people to combine hard work with prayers, shun violence and stay safe

By Tony Ezike

The Director General of South East Governors Forum Senator Uche Ekwunife CON has once again emphasized the importance of local government autonomy to good governance in Nigeria.

The Senator disclosed this during her monthly Radio advocacy programme RAYS OF HOPE on Ogene 98.3 FM Enugwu-ukwu on Saturday August 26th, 2022 where she discussed about Domestic Violence.

Ekwunife attributed lack of mutual understanding, financial difficulty, maltreatment of servants, unemployment among others as causes of domestic violence but stressed that these conditions could be tackled with prayer and hard work.

She however cautioned against exposing the children to cases of domestic violence while recommending cancelling and proper orientation for those who already experienced its negative effects.

“Exposure, education and empowerment are vital for prevention of domestic violence because people who are psychologically and financially stable are less likely to get involved in frustration related incidents.”

“Empowering young people especially with the right skills gives them the desired alternative to the white-collar jobs they couldn’t get for not acquiring the conventional academic credentials. Vocational training is good enough to reduce stress and anxiety for peaceful coexistence.”

“Late detection of domestic violence cases can lead to brain disorder if not properly diagnosed with the appropriate measures. It can also lead to divorce and in extreme cases murder.”

“A case in point was that of a domestic servant to a UNIZIK lecturer who recently murdered his master because he was admonished for not cooking. Who knows, they might have been managing his case till it took that terrible turn that ended in bloodshed.”

“The role of government in addressing issues of domestic violence cannot be overemphasized, considering that it has what it takes to offer help in areas like advocacy, provision of palliatives to those who truly needs it and intervening in challenges facing the households.”

“This is the reason I keep emphasizing on local government autonomy. The autonomy of council areas will help mitigate the effects of both domestic violence and economic instability because it is the government structure very close to the people.”

“Proper organisation of the traditional institutions by LGA authorities will foster accurate inventory and adequate support for families in dire need of help. This can be achieved by engaging community monarchs and presidents general of the town unions.”

Senator Ekwunife also advised married women to always respect their husbands considering that what most men, especially the average Igbo man wants from his wife is respect to bring the best out of him. She equally enjoined married men to show love to their wives at all times so that the children too would undergo proper moral upbringing learning from their parents.

The people’s Senator urged government to pay close attention to incidents of domestic abuse and issues surrounding domestic violence through awareness campaigns aimed at educating more people on how to manage stress and anger to curtail the growing rate of animosity within the households.

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