Emeka Ufuma sacrifices own foundation to commemorate Mom’s posthumous birthday (DETAILS)

Vows to pay WAEC fees for 50 students across communities in Orumba North council area annually

By Marietta Munachimso

Today marks the 77th birthday anniversary of Late Mrs Bridget Nnebe who slept in the Lord on the 18th day of July 2022, not just as human per say, but like an institution that can best be described as indispensable.

The Late Matriarch of Nnebe family had 2 girls and 3 boys with her husband Comrade C.C Nnebe. One of their boys Hon Chukwuemeka Nnebe who spoke to Citypost on an exclusive interview on Tuesday was so passionate about the times and life of his mother, which includes some remarkable experiences and achievements.

Q. Can you tell us the rationale behind this posthumous birthday anniversary being championed by you in a special way?

A. I am Comrade Chukwuemeka Nnebe from Ufuma in Orumba North LGA and I am celebrating my beloved Mom today apparently because I feel deeply indebted to her on account of her incredible show of love to not only me and members of my family, but also for everyone that crosses her path while she was still alive. Let me also state it clearly that she was such a source of inspiration that everything I am today could not have been possible without her consistent counselling, guidance and prayers.

Q. Could you throw more light on those gestures to humanity during her lifetime which you consider outstanding and worthy of commendation?

A. My Mom Mrs Bridget Nnebe (Ogbaegwu Jesus and Mary) was everything a mother could be and more, so much that I can’t possibly narrate all comprehensively in just one interview session. However I can give you few reasons why I believe that she deserves to be immortalized, like I am specially doing today in her honour.

Mrs Nnebe, a devoted Christian and retired civil servant was born and raised by a wealthy man Chief Chukwuma Ebepus from Nkpor-Uno in Idemili axis of Anambra State and later got married to Comrade C.C Nnebe of Umuonyiba village Ufuma whom she helped to build an enviable legacy and well established home of responsible 3 boys and 2 girls.

One of the remarkable impacts she made on my upbringing was that she gifted me a clipper for haircut immediately after my secondary school education. That clipper which is still in my custody kind of offered me an opportunity to become business conscious and independent minded.

In the same vein she bought a sewing machine for my younger sister and other items for the rest of us to encourage us towards becoming self independent. Beyond that she encouraged me during my first outing in politics whereby she was like my campaign manager, campaigning from house to house and telling people why I should be voted as a Ward Councillor.

Her benevolence and selflessness knew no bounds as she single-handedly saw many less privileged young people through high school and tertiary institutions, as well as sponsored 7 others outside her immediate family to become Rev’d Fathers. I strongly wish I could fit into her shoes but they are just too big considering her enviable record of visible achievements.

By the time it downed on her that her mission in life was coming to an end, she advised patients at Amaku General Hospital to approach me to settle their medical bills in my absence, assuring them that it was an opportunity for them to meet the hospital demands and return to their homes. About three of the patients did as she advised and got discharged accordingly, because I cannot remember anything Mom asked for that I ever refused to do.

Q. How do you intend to fill the vacuum created by your mother vis-a-vis her notable relationship with people?

A. From a personal perspective I see my mother as a Saint in view of prevailing miracles linked to her since her glorious departure, therefore the question of measuring up with her in terms of achievements does not arise as their is obviously no basis for comparison. However, I am committed to deepening my involvement in areas of philanthropy and charitable gestures by toeing her footsteps the much I can.

Today I am officially winding down my foundation known as Chukwuemeka Nnebe Educational Foundation which has over the years catered for tuition fees on behalf of less privileged persons, to pave way for a broader platform to support more less privileged students, which will be known as Late Mrs Bridget Nnebe Foundation.( ogu

The new foundation will henceforth bankroll WAEC fees for no fewer than fifty students within Orumba North council area annually, with intention of doing more as soon as more logistics becomes available.

50 Students nominated from the following schools would benefit from the maiden edition of Late Mrs Bridget Nnebe Education Support Scheme:

Community High School Awgbu
Community High School Nanka
Community Secondary school Ndike
Community Secondary School Nanka
Community Secondary School Umuonyiba Ufuma and Community Secondary School Enugwabo Ufuma.

This foundation as well as the proposed healthcare facility are indeed part of my commitment towards fulfilling my promise to Mom during her 73rd birthday. On that very day as we were celebrating her birthday anniversary, I informed Mom that I have decided to build a Chapel at St Mary’s Catholic Church Ufuma in honour of Mrs Patricia Ilorah.

True to character, she sang, danced and expressed profound delight that her son was going to build a Chapel for the Lord, rather than being jealous that it was not intended to honour her personally. She went further to even contribute to the project; a gesture which further explains her priority in life, which is largely aimed at love and service to humanity. I was not surprised because I knew my Mom and that was why I have always confided in her without any regrets.

Q. Could you narrate the instances if any, when you felt her pains as to her trying moments in life or any regrets after her departure?

My major regret is that she could not hold on to witness the dedication of that Chapel I am building at St Mary’s Catholic Church, even though she witnessed its commencement from the foundation level. The Chapel which is set to be put to use by December this year would have been a big boost to her undying passion for promoting Christendom if she had tarried a little bit longer

Besides that, I also felt deeply concerned when she suffered stigmatization for outrightly condemning the call for oath-taking among kinsmen in our village, which she considered improper and against her faith as a devoted Christian. She maintained her stance even when she got restricted from participating in my younger sister’s traditional wedding.

She chose to sacrifice her privileges as a mother during that important occasion in bold defence of her faith in God and dedication to strict provisions of congregational recommendations for sustainable Christian fellowship. Unlike any other woman who will rather take the oath and partake in such special occasion, she called the oath-takers bluff and stood her grounds.

Another sad memory of hers in my opinion was when I was in Abuja. At that time she was home alone and down with stroke unknown to me. I was expecting her usual 12 midnight call during each of my birthday anniversary which did not come after all. So I had to call her instead, but got no response after several trials.

At that point I had to call the attention of my former personal assistant Onyebuchi Igwe as well as my friends Obinna, and Obed Aguluka, who left everything they were doing and headed to my house immediately. They found her lying helpless, having stayed for few days without food and other essential domestic assistance.

Three of them demonstrated high-level commitment that was evidently beyond friendship as they cleaned her up, changed her clothes and took her to the hospital before we arrived and took over. Sad as her situation was at that point, I cannot stop appreciating Obinna, Obed and Onyebuchi for putting up such unusual show of love for someone else’s parent.

Q. What is your advice to young people in view of having cordial relationship with their parents, especially mothers?

A. My advice to young people wherever they are is simple! Always make out time to relate closely with your parents because continuous love, long life and prosperity tends to go round as long as the circle is not broken by either party except for death. As a living example, I urge the growing population to learn from my experience which I consider as an absolutely fulfilling experience.

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