NAF Air Strikes; IPOB denies ownership of destroyed camps

By Okey Maduforo

The Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB has denied ownership of the camps bombed by the Nigerian Air Force NAF last Wednesday in Osumoghu and Aku Ihube in Ihiala and Okigwe local government areas of Anambra and Imo States.

The body contended that those camps belong to Simon Ekpa group they described as terrorists who according to it are fake freedom fighters who are not members of IPOB.

A press release by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful stated that NAF lied, insisting that the group does not own camps in the areas mentioned.

“We debunk the claims by the Nigerian Air Force of bombing IPOB’s and ESN camps at Osumoghu in Ihiala LGA of Anambra State and Osuihiteukwa in Orsu LGA, Imo State.

“We make bold to state that ESN does not have camps in any of the bombed locations.”

The group stated that the bombed camps were those of terrorists sponsored by leader of a splinter group, Simon Ekpa, who is based in Finland.

“The Nigeria Air Force should stop lying and blackmailing this peaceful IPOB with the so-called bombing of IPOB’s / ESN camps.

“For public information, IPOB doesn’t operate camps in those locations. IPOB has offices in Biafra Land and in diaspora. We are not criminals nor terrorists otherwise civilized countries would not give us the freedom to gather in their countries.

“What IPOB has is the Eastern Security Network (ESN), whose primary duty is to secure our bushes and protect our people. The general public should ignore and disregard the rants of the Nigeria DSS sponsored criminal and agent provocateur in Finland called Simon Ekpa and his gangsters who are always impersonating ESN to demonize IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi KANU.

“The Nigeria Air Force must call those criminal camps they bombed by their names and not mention ESN or IPOB.”

The group also condemned the action of NAF in bombing the locations, saying that while it protects terrorists in the north, it is deploying jets against those in the east.

“As much as we detest the criminals impersonating IPOB and ESN in their violent activities in the name of Biafra struggle, we nevertheless condemn the bombing of any part of Biafra Land by the Nigeria Air Force.

“If the Nigeria Air Force has functioning fighter jets to bomb criminal hideouts in the rainforest of the Southeast, why then have they not bombed terrorists and bandits who are in the open in the desert lands of the North? he said.

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