NASS Member calls for synergy among Ogbaru office Holders

By Okey Maduforo

The member representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency Chief Adam Ogene has described the synergy among political office holders as key to the development of the area.

Ogene who disclosed this during a visit to the Chairman of Ogbaru local government area Mr Paschal Aniegbunam said that after the elections what is important is for both those at the state and National Assembly as well as Council Chairman and Councilors to work together for the good of the masses.

“Elections are over and what is now left is for all and sundry to come together to develop Ogbaru local government area and that is the essence of politics and governance “

“This has nothing to do with whatever political party you belong to because it is all about the masses who voted us into power”

“If there is problem in Obeagwe, the Chairman is the first person to be contacted by the people at Awka. Therefore, there is need for us to love ourselves and work together. ” he said.

Speaking at the occasion the Chairman of Ogbaru local government area Mr Paschal Aniegbunam said that the visit had become important following the challenges the area for d facing.

“I thanked Hon. Ogene for the visit, and explained that I became the Local Government Chairman by the grace of God, and by that grace, he will fulfill the purpose for which he made me to be the Chairman.”

” If I met Ogbaru at 40 per cent progress, that I would increase the progress to 60 per cent.”

“I also said that I’m not against criticism because it makes me to know the thoughts of the people which will enable me to know how to address the challenges they presented”

“I equally acknowledged the need for political office holders in Ogbaru to work together for the good of Ogbaru”

Also speaking Dr Nwachukwu Nwosu said that he is seeing a synergy among the political office holders in Ogbaru, and he is very happy for it. That such synergy will be bring the much sought peace and unity in Ogbaru. That working together will enable the political actors to come together and know how to approach the multiple challenges that are facing Ogbaru.

Barrister Okechukwu Afuberoh in his own comments thanked Hon. Ogene for the visit. He said that nobody is all knowing, therefore, he appealed to people of Ogbaru who have ideas on how to improve Ogbaru to come up with such ideas. That with the political leaders in Ogbaru working together, that Ogbaru will be great.

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