HISTORY AND SOCIETY: Making a Nation Great

Lessons from Singapore’s Phenomenal Transformation Christian C. Madubuko, PhD. As the world continues to grapple with the complexities of nation-building, the story of Singapore’s transformation from a poor, post-war colony to a... Read more »

Stealing in metaphor and thieves in their own barn

…..The great Nigerian enigma Christian C. Madubuko, PhD. In the heart of West Africa, a peculiar phenomenon has been observed. It is a tale of irony, a paradox of the highest order.... Read more »

Reviving Nigeria’s Failing Economy

A prescription for President Tinubu’s urgent action to stabilize the Naira, tame inflation, and reboot economic growth Christian C. Madubuko, PhD As Nigeria grapples with a failing economy and soaring inflation, President... Read more »

The Farm of Broken Dreams: A Vivid Portrait of Nigeria’s Woes

…..The Nigerian Farm By Christian C. Madubuko, PhD In the farm of Nigeria, the once-lush fields of prosperity have withered away, replaced by a landscape of corruption, poverty, and insecurity. The animals,... Read more »

THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS: Collaborating with foreign companies to support Nigerian Missions

Christian C. Madubuko, PhD Nigerian missions overseas are critical to the country’s diplomatic and economic interests. However, supporting these missions can be a significant challenge, especially in terms of funding and resources.... Read more »

Raising Revenue through Trade Missions: A Guide for Nigerian Ambassadors

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Fiscal Responsibility: Managing Revenue Streams for Effective Mission Support for Nigerian Missions Overseas

Christian C. Madubuko, PhD Nigerian missions overseas are critical to the country’s diplomatic and economic interests. Effective management of revenue streams is crucial for supporting these missions and ensuring their long-term sustainability.... Read more »

Diversifying Revenue Streams: How Nigerian Ambassadors Can Boost Foreign Missions’ Funding

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The Nigerian Foreign Service: A Pillar of Nigeria’s Global Relations

By Christian C. Madubuko Ph.D The Nigerian Foreign Service is the cornerstone of Nigeria’s diplomatic endeavours, serving as the primary conduit for the country’s interactions with other nations, international organizations, and global... Read more »

Promoting Nigeria’s national interests through foreign missions: unlocking the power of diplomacy

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