Girls, you can become greater than the billionaires around you!

By Temilolu Okeowo

Whenever I see a girl, my heart melts but most times, believe me, it begins to pound in fear! Because I’m beholding an institution that could be turned to mere rubbles because of a wrong emotion or the entrance of one chap whose path should never have crossed hers! It is so sad that having a romantic relationship now appears to be a compulsory course in the teen age- an age so delicate which goes a long way in determining the success or failure of one’s future! Worse still, I see a lot of girls/ladies who would rather be dolled up than be intellectually sound and fully equipped for life’s journey! If our daughters are not armed and encouraged to study hard, make the most of their intelligence, guts, grits, and God-given potentials, and develop them optimally, may they not perpetually be at the mercy of men! I can only pray our daughters don’t end up victims of a patriarchal society because I can’t fathom why some Nigerian men would mock a lady who was appointed a bank CEO with a good number of degrees in her kitty, many years of experience, and dutifulness at her place of work who rightfully deserves her new appointment and accuse her of sleeping her way to the top! How gross! Have Nigerian women proved over time that they can’t hold sway where men have dominated over the years?  I fear for the future of our girls who seem to have misplaced priorities and appeal to parents once again to ensure they are rightly guided as a lot of them are falling apart even before they’re old enough to set out in life! Yet they have uncommon greatness resident inside of them!

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous, and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

Believe me, if a lot of women were well-prepared-emotionally, psychologically, academically, financially, and spiritually, it would be most difficult for any man or a satanically patriarchal society to mess around with them!  And guess what? The situation is going to get worse! You should spend all the time you have now learning life skills and not getting romantically involved with guys/men or drowning in their fantasies!

You are far too loaded to be merely Barbie dolls which guys/men play with at a point in time and later discard for a fresher brand thereby turning you into a confused nervous wreck! Sadly, most of you just want to get into the university for all the freedom in the world to socialize. A good number of you are sleeping on Instagram, daydreaming and fantasizing about becoming people who most of the time add no value to your life, people you could be greater than, and practically forget to pursue your destiny! Yet, time’s going! How sad! And to think the average Nigerian girl is more interested in all the flash and glamour because that’s what the society glorifies and could walk the most disgraceful way because they wannabe! What happens to them in the future when all their natural productivity is never developed and they are no longer adored by the men they depended on? May we not have old mama prostitutes!

Believe me; it is so easy to be anything and everything you want to be even if your parents can’t afford to give you a 3-square-meal today!

Use your brains for intellectual pursuits which can never leave you! Ensure you’re above average at least! Use your beautiful hands to learn a skill right away even if your parents have all the money in the world! Nothing stops you from saving and building your empire from now- it will outlive you and you’ll always have food on your table! What’s your hobby? Turn it into a money-spinner! If you love the arts, start learning to paint or play a musical instrument while awaiting admission into a higher institution. Just please get busy developing yourself and making the most of your life, virtues or potentials and not making guys/men your focus!

Let your grits assist you in pursuing and achieving a height no one in your generation has ever attained before it (grits) falls apart as a result of multiple heartbreaks! I could go on and on! Till we meet again next weekend! May god open your eyes for you to behold the wonder that you are!

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