We’ll impeach Gov Fubara, if … – Rivers lawmakers

By Daniel Abia, Port Harcourt

Rivers State House of Assembly’s lawmakers have said they will impeach Governor Similanayi Fubara if it becomes the last resort to enforce their constitutional responsibility.

The Assembly is currently having a running battle with Governor Fubara as a result of the cold war between him and the Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike.

Recall that the minister is also Fubara’s predecessor and mentor before things went sour.

Meanwhile, Martins Amaehwule, Speaker of the Assembly, spoke to newsmen in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, today, on their resort to impeachment.

He accused Fubara of refusing to abide by all the tenets of agreement reached on the peace accord brokered by President Bola Tinubu.

Amaehwule said that the responsibilities of the Assembly is constitutionally recognized and holds the mandate of it’s constituents to carry out such laid down responsibilities of law making.

The Speaker asked those close to the governor to advise him to uphold the tenets of the peace accord brokered by President Tinubu and do the needful.

“They must not forget that the Rivers State House of Assembly has the mandate of the people and that we swore an oath of allegiance to the Constitution to do the needful, including the impeachment of the governor as a last resort.

“So, if it becomes a last resort, in accordance with the law, we will not hesitate to do so because no individual is bigger than Rivers State, including the Governor.

His ‘sins’

“It is worthy of note that the notice of impeachment of the governor was quickly withdrawn by members of the House in fulfilment of the terms of the agreement and out of immense respect for the person and office of the President of the Federal Republic, and believing that there would be a U-turn in terms of unlawful actions of the Governor.

“The reverse is now the case as we see from day to day. The activities of the State Governor being conducted outside the laws of Rivers State and the Constitution.

“What about advising the Governor to heed to the peace agreement he begged for, willingly signed, and has chosen not to abide by some of the terms?

“To this day, Rivers State remains the only state without an Appropriation Law and the Governor recklessly abandons laws of the State.

“These new hawks in the scene and all those who are quick to refer to the Governor as “Mr. Innocent” will not go and advise him.

“They prefer to hold talk shows, organize rallies, hold press conferences, and announce that the House commenced impeachment proceedings against the Governor for no just cause.

“But they fail to ask the Governor if he has not been informed of the particulars of gross misconduct levelled against him or at least read them when they were filed in Court in response to his petition.

“We begin by announcing to you that sponsored attacks on the House has failed woefully.

“Enemies of the people and those who cannot withstand the principles of the rule of law as well as checks and balances in our nascent democracy.

“In their frustration, they started with the burning and later demolition of the Hallowed Chamber.

“Their plan is to eliminate the legislature that is pushing for the independence granted her by the Constitution since they cannot exercise undue control over her.
“We survived these attacks! Their new strategy is to use another arm of government, lobbyists, attack dogs and the mainstream and social media to bring the House to disrepute and consummate their agenda.

“In this regard, various individuals, groups, media mercenaries have been recruited to actualize their objectives.

“We assure the good people of Rivers State that we remain undeterred in our service to our father land and no number of threats, including those of violence against us just like they attacked the Speaker’s residence, will make us abandon our Constitutional mandate to make laws for the good governance of our dear State,” Amaehwule said.

The Speaker was flanked by 26 of his colleagues while addressing the press.

Recall that on Thursday, chieftains of the PDP and Atiku Abubakar’s loyalists in Rivers State declared support for Fubara and Tinubu.

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One Comment to “We’ll impeach Gov Fubara, if … – Rivers lawmakers”

  1. What peace agreement are they talking about, an illegality against the constitution and the people of Rivers state?
    How can there be peace when there is no justice and obedient to the rule of law?
    When you want equity you come to it with a clear hands, but when you begin to quote constitution and rule of law that suits you then this is what you get.
    Though I ‘m blaming the governor who failed to do the right thing by allowing you guys to still retain your seat after defection instead of testing the constitution.
    If the constitutional provisions of your defection was followed and the right thing was done I don’t think we will still be talking about this absurdity in Rivers state.
    But Nigerian politics being what it is, where we always looks at the body language of the person on top instead of following the rule of law in
    any matter we will continue to have issues of godfather or whatever they called themselves.
    Give the governor a breathing space to serve the people of Rivers state and if you people want to serve your people too then start working in harmony with the governor for the interest of Rivers people not the interest of any godfather.

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