Onitsha South LGA dismisses CD over comments on waste management, says body is uninformed

By Okey Maduforo

The authorities of Onitsha South local government area have dismissed the claims by a body known as Campaign for Democracy CD that the Council is foot dragging over the poor sanitary state of the commercial city.

In the said release signed by Comrade Uzor O. Uzor, it alleged that the Council has allowed wastes to take over the town under the nose of the Chairman Chief Emeka Joseph Orji adding that nothing is being done to clear the refuse.

But in a release signed by the Secretary of Onitsha South local government area Mr Paul Onuachalla it stated that the body is not abreast, but uninformed about the workings of the Council when it has to do with waste management.

“It is important to note that going by the submissions of the group called Campaign for Democracy it is indeed clear that it is not only uninformed about what we do here in terms of waste management but that it failed to get itself abreast of the situation on the ground”

“Besides the picture of the refused dump used in the said publication is not found anywhere in Onitsha South local government area and also the impression that the body is trying to create is one that smacks of a calculated attempt to escalate what is neither true or factual”

Responding, Onuachalla stated; “We are all aware of the attendant issues that has to do with waste management between the Council and the relevant bodies in the ministry of Environment. We have professional waste management companies Pinnacle and Tipline and on the other hand Ministry of Environment appointed Fegge Landlords Association operators of Pay Direct in Fegge layout.

Emeka Joseph Orji created online platform that is first of its kind, where stakeholders make healthy complaints, suggestions, etc.

“Against this backdrop the Campaign for Democracy is living in past times in respect of the issues under discuss and the body should have been aware of those issues before drawing it’s conclusion and making false and bogus claims about the state of waste management in the town “

“Be that as it may it is also instructive to note that the Council despite all these encumbrances have also been on the top of the moment following daily clean up exercise at the markets, packs and residential areas which is closely being monitored and supervised by the Environmental Department of the Council ‘” he said.

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