NDDC Project HOPE: The Hope for Niger Delta Youths

By Martins Ogolo.

“The youth is the HOPE of our future.”

  • Jose Rizal

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), a Federal Government Agency established 24 years ago by Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo with the oversight responsibility of facilitating a rapid socio-economic and overall growth of the people, making economically prosperous and politically stable. The leadership of this commission has at different points in time, been rallied to bad and corrupt leaders who did nothing but milk the Interventionist Agency dry. In a bid to redraft its pattern with critical focus of her creed”making a difference ” consultations, roundtable talk shops and recommendations were drawn to see to sustainable practice of this creed, hence the H. O. P. E for NigerDelta initiative.

Holistic Opportunities Programme/Projects for Engagements, aka “HOPE,” the “heartbeat” of the 7th board of the Niger Delta Development Commission, is aimed at transforming the fortunes of Niger Delta Youths, as the region has long been plagued with poverty and insecurity amongst several other social vices, because of the need to ultimately change the narrative of the Niger Delta region.

The workaholic Managing Director of the NDDC; Chief Samuel Ogbuku, PhD., who is a visionary administrator , directed Ambassador Blessing Fubara, the resource consultant, & his team to expanded the scope of PROJECT HOPE , to cover more areas as his mantra has always been “Signature projects that make a difference in the lives of Niger Deltans”. Dr Ogbuku’s major concern, is to completely change the narrative of Niger Delta Youths with a program that touches every youth no matter their level of education and exposure. Members 7th of the board quickly keyed into the idea as they saw workable models in line with the vision of the NDDC, which is “Making A Difference”. The resource consultant, Amb. Fubara had hinted that project HOPE is 18 years old and no board in the past understood the vision until the Dr. Samuel Ogbuku’s led board who see the possibilities of reassuring H.O.P.E to the youths and people of Niger Delta region with the initiative.

Project HOPE covers: Niger Delta Youths Entrepreneurial Support Scheme (NDESS), Niger Delta Music and Arts Project (NDMAP), PROJECT 9.9.9, & Science & Technology.

Niger Delta Youths Entrepreneurial Support Scheme (NDESS): This scheme is designed to properly identify active and responsible new businesses, do proper Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registrations and documentations for such businesses and startups. NDESS also is designed to enable committed businesses from the region to grow into more coordinated and profitable ventures while putting into cognizance the importance of business certification and adequate regularization and financial documentations. The Scheme will incubate passionate and hopeful new businesses and help them grow organically into a full structured enterprising venture with the requisite mentorship and monitoring paraphernalia required for a value-based system.

The Niger Delta Music and Art Project (NDMAP) is designed to stimulate prospects for active and passionate young creatives/Entertainers. Preserve and Promote the rich cultural heritage of the Niger delta region through music and art. To also, Provide a platform for indigenous creatives to showcase their talent, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the region. The Niger Delta Music and Arts Project are designed to create platforms, enable talents, and empower creatives in five considered skills set of this specimen: Music production, Cinematography, Creative content, Movie.

Project 9,000 Jobs, 9 Industries in 9 Months (9.9.9)

This specimen (project) has been duly designed to harness and secure alternative sources of funding from International, National, Multinational, Community/government, and Private Sector Investors in the areas of shared PPP interest, geared towards achieving long-lasting, focused, and profitable drive. The Model shall be executed in three Phases before Transfer: Phase 1 – Immediate, Phase 2 – Intermediate, Phase 3 – Management.

At the immediate phase, project hope will acquire lands and required mechanisms, onboard target communities, etc. The intermediate phase involves setting up the different project multi-agro industries, according to individual State’s specimen, Onward deployment, activation, and commencement of the overall project design. The management phase involves the entire project management Phase before Transfer.

The idea is to engage 1,000 youths in each of the 9 Niger Delta States which will overall translate to 9,000 Jobs.

Science & Technology Program of project hope covers everything as regards to equipping Niger Delta Youths with the required Information technology (IT) skills which include: Cybersecurity, database administration, web development, cloud engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), networking, software development, systems analysis, etc. Since Tech is the new liquid gold, the NDDC’s Holistic Opportunity Programs Empowerment (HOPE) will train willing Niger Delta youths between 6-9 months ensuring they are grounded and can compete with tech experts from around the Globe, giving them an advantage and ease to create employment for themselves as well as securing well-paid jobs.

End Note:

Project HOPE is truly the Hope for Niger Delta youths as it will address youths of the region irrespective of their background, exposure or educational/technical qualifications provided they are within 18-45. For the first time since the inception of NDDC, this is a program that holistically addresses the needs of Niger Delta region youths. So whether the youth has interest in agriculture, IT, Music & Arts, entrepreneurship or skilled labor, project hope will empower them to compete at the highest level with youths from other regions. Kudos to the record breaking Chief Samuel Ogbuku PhD., MD/CEO NDDC for approving and enlarging the scope of the program. With this, The future of Niger Delta Youths is SECURED.

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Martins Ogolo
Public Affairs Analyst.

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