We’ll continue to fight for actualization of Yoruba nation – Youth group

— Cautions Afenifere on restructuring

By Dayo Johnson, Akure

A group under the auspices of Yoruba Nation Youths both Home and Diaspora, has cautioned some leaders of Afenifere not to be an impediment in the actualization of Yoruba Nation.

They declared that they will continue to fight for self-determination for the Yoruba Nation until it becomes a reality.

The Youths who specifically disagreed with leaders of the pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, on restructuring saying the Yoruba Nation wants self-determination not restructuring.

In a statement issued by the Yoruba Nation Youth Leader Diaspora, Prophet Ayodele Ologunloluwa and Comrade Oyegunle Oluwamayowa Omotoyole,

said that “why can’t all emulate Professor Banji Akintoye who have been championing Yoruba Nation self-determination.

According to them “We are not happy with the way and manner the leader of pan-Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo and some leaders in the South West have been going about relegating the issue of actualization of Yoruba Nation.

“Why is Afenifere always attacking the advocates of Yoruba self-determination with such terrible venom.

“What do you gain from Nigeria that makes you so feverish in defending the continued Yoruba membership of Nigeria. What has the Yoruba gained in Nigeria.

“Secondly, why is a body like Afenifere never careful about creating the impression that we Yoruba are viciously divided.

“Why can’t you imitate the careful and respectful manner in which we of the Yoruba Nation always speak of Afenifere. Prof Akintoye warns us regularly to be respectful of Afenifere.

” Why can’t Afenifere do the same. Is it in Yoruba interest to appear often as violently divided.

“‘Thirdly, since some Yoruba persons are free to advocate restructuring, why do you seem to insist that other Yoruba persons are sinning by advocating Yoruba Nation and deserve to be insulted and crucified.

“Fourthly, here is something we have never wanted to raise because of our respect for Afenifere.

“It is the history of how we Yoruba people have become like slaves in Nigeria. The whole world knows how this disaster befell the Yoruba and the generation that bears the historical responsibility for it.

” Does it make sense that the same generation should still be pushing our Nation deeper and deeper into slavery.

“Finally, watch again the interview of Prof.Akimtoye with Dr Abati. When Prof Akintoye referred to Afenifere and restructuring, observe his respectful language.. Also observe his explanation about. Restructuring. Why can’t we all emulate this man”

“What we are saying is that enough is enough for those Yoruba leaders who are trying to truncate our efforts.

“Pa Ayo Adebanjo should desist from calling himself as Yoruba leader because we Youths won’t allow our future to be mortgaged by him.

“We don’t have confidence in him anymore and henceforth he should stop parading himself as Afenifere leader.

“We are also coming for those Traditional rulers who usually bestowed Chieftaincy titles on the Fulanis in Yoruba land.

“Youths are ready to fight for their rights. Chief Obafemi Awolowo had said it before now that when it is time, youths will rise up to fight for Yoruba Nation”, the youth they maintained.

The youths also disagreed with Yoruba farmers and state government in the South West to give land for herders In Yorubaland for farming.

They vowed that everything possible would be done by the youths to resist the proposed plans either for farming or grazing.

“We warn to both Yoruba farmers and State Governors in the South that if they continue with their plans to force the Fulani on our land, we are going to resist them and defend our lands from those killer herdsmen.

They however encouraged members to continue with the struggle in a peaceful manner saying that they will continue to fight for self-determination for the Yoruba until it becomes a reality.

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