How the Niger Delta Music and Arts Program (NDMAP) Will Turn Around the Entertainment Industry in the Niger Delta Region

The Niger Delta Region has far too long been known for several wrong reasons, ranging from kidnapping to pipeline vandalization to several other social vices. This is not because the youths are not industrious or talented, but for the fact that the talents of our youths haven’t been properly harnessed.

Niger Delta Development Commission’s Holistic Opportunities and Programs for Empowerment (HOPE), was birthed by the Chief Samuel Ogbuku-led administration. One of the cardinal sections of PROJECT HOPE is the Niger Delta Music & Arts Program (NDMAP), whose main focus is to develop talents such as musicians, movie producers, content creators, cinematographers, and visual artists.

The Niger Delta Music and Arts Project (NDMAP) is designed to stimulate prospects for active and passionate young creatives/entertainers. Also, NDMAP will preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Niger Delta region through music and art. It will provide a platform for indigenous creatives to showcase their talent, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the region.

Over the years, we have seen the tenacity and audacity of indigenous youths in the creative industry as they soar amidst all the prevailing circumstances. The Niger Delta Music and Arts Project is an intentional strategy designed to identify active and responsible ‘green horns’ and give them the needed support through processes that will:

  • Discover
  • Nurture
  • Reward
  • Expose their talents and abilities.

The Niger Delta Music and Arts Project (NDMAP) involves creating original music, producing films that highlight local stories, generating engaging content, and utilizing cinematography to capture the essence of the region. The overarching goal is to celebrate and promote the artistic vibrancy of the Niger Delta through a multidimensional approach. The Niger Delta Music and Arts Project is designed to create platforms, enable talents, and empower creatives in five considered skill sets of this specimen:

  • Music production
  • Movie production
  • Cinematography
  • Creative content
  • Visual arts

Using arts and creative endeavors as a means of raising awareness by telling correct narratives about the Niger Delta, the Music and Arts Project will also:

  • Facilitate cultural exchange and collaboration among artists from diverse backgrounds, encouraging a vibrant and dynamic creative scene.
  • Promote economic empowerment by supporting local artists through performances and collaborations with the broader artistic community.
  • Establish partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations to garner support for sustainable development.

The MAP, which is designed to create a regional entertainment industry, will enable platforms for ninety (90) creative youths in these categories and empower nine (9) youths (Prides of Niger Delta) in the categorized set. The NDMAP will incubate passionate and hopeful creatives to help them grow organically into a fully structured enterprising venture with the requisite mentorship and monitoring paraphernalia required for growth.

The Niger music and art project is designed to run for a period of forty-one (41) days, implementing four cardinals:

  1. The Interest/Nomination Stage
  2. The Audition Stage
  3. The Selection/Incubation Stage
  4. The Grand Finale/Empowerment.
    These four strategic process implementations were detailed to ensure that truly the core objectives of NDMAP will be achieved.

End Note:
NDMAP seeks to create a meaningful and sustainable impact on both the artistic landscape and the region of the Niger Delta. I must commend the resource consultant for project HOPE, Ambassador Blessing Fubara, for his ingenuity and hard work behind the scenes to ensure the project meets global standards. The MD/CEO NDDC, Chief Samuel Ogbuku, has of course shown his sincerity in changing the fortunes of Niger Delta youths, which is why he has given full support and expanded the scope of the program. The long term plan of the Holistic Opportunities and Programs for Empowerment (HOPE), is to have an “Entertainment Park ” which will serve as a breeding ground for young Niger Delta Talents to groom them and give them competitive advantage over their counterparts from other parts of the country , so much so that they don’t have to search for greener pastures outside the region , as the market is readily available .

I enjoin all well-meaning Niger Deltans to embrace this life-changing opportunity, as even future generations will benefit greatly from it, as its effect will be felt and enjoyed as PROJECT HOPE has come to stay.

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