The Farm of Broken Dreams: A Vivid Portrait of Nigeria’s Woes

…..The Nigerian Farm

By Christian C. Madubuko, PhD

In the farm of Nigeria, the once-lush fields of prosperity have withered away, replaced by a landscape of corruption, poverty, and insecurity. The animals, once united under a shared dream of freedom and equality, have become divided and disillusioned. The pigs, once the leaders, now wallow in self-interest, exploiting the system for personal gain. The lush green pastures of prosperity have given way to a barren expanse of corruption, poverty, and insecurity.The animals that once roamed freely, united under a shared dream of freedom and equality, now wander aimlessly, disillusioned and divided.

The Socio-Political Woes
The pigs’ pursuit of power has led to a system where the strong devour the weak, and the few hold the many hostages. The chickens, once proud and free, are now caged and exploited for their eggs. The cows, once gentle and hardworking, are milked dry by the corrupt elite. The horses, once swift and powerful, are now ridden roughshod by those who care little for their well-being.

The pigs, once revered as leaders and visionaries, now wallow in self-interest, their snouts rooted in the mud of corruption. They exploit the system for personal gain, leaving the other animals to struggle for scraps. Their once-sharp tusks have been dulled by greed, and their ears have grown deaf to the cries of those they were meant to protect.

The Economic Woes
The farm’s once-thriving economy has been ravaged by mismanagement and corruption. The pigs’ reckless spending has depleted the country’s resources, leaving the animals struggling to survive. Inflation is rampant, and the value of the farm’s currency is plummeting. The animals are forced to work longer hours for less food and shelter.

The chickens, once proud and free-range, are now confined to small coops, their wings clipped by the shackles of oppression. They peck at the ground for crumbs, their eyes dimmed by the realization that their eggs are no longer enough to sustain them. The rooster’s crowing has fallen silent, replaced by the soft clucking of resignation.

The cows, once strong and majestic, are now milked dry by the corrupt elite. Their once-luxuriant coats are dull and matted, their eyes tired from the weight of their own struggles. They low softly in despair, their hooves heavy with the burden of providing for those who care little for their well-being.
The horses, once proud and swift, are now ridden roughshod by those who care little for their welfare. Their coats are dull and dusty, their manes tangled with thorns. They pace slowly around the farm, their eyes clouded by the futility of their situation.

The Security Challenges
The farm is plagued by security threats from within and outside its borders. Shadows loom large on the farm, threatening to consume its very essence. The foxes, masters of stealth and deceit, stalk their prey with calculating precision, targeting the weak and vulnerable. Their piercing eyes gleam in the darkness, as they exploit the farm’s fissures and fractures.

Meanwhile, the hyenas, driven by an insatiable hunger and a desperation born of scarcity, prowl the outskirts, sniffing out vulnerabilities to ravage and pillage. The air is thick with tension, as the farm’s very survival hangs precariously in the balance. The animals tremble with fear, knowing that one misstep could spell disaster.

Advice to President Tinubu
To reverse this dire situation, President Tinubu must adopt a multi-faceted approach:
Root out corruption: Purge the system of corrupt officials and restore transparency and accountability.

Foster economic growth: Implement policies that promote sustainable economic development, create jobs, and increase access to education and healthcare.
Enhance security: Strengthen the security forces and invest in infrastructure to prevent external threats.

Promote unity: Encourage national unity by fostering dialogue and inclusivity among all Nigerians.

To President Tinubu, I urge you as a father of the nation to take heed of this desolate landscape and lead our nation towards a brighter future. Root out corruption and nepotism from our midst. Empower the marginalized and oppressed. Foster an environment where all Nigerians can thrive.

A Plea to Nigerians
Fellow Nigerians,
We are at a crossroads. We can continue down the path of division and despair or we can work together to build a brighter future. We must support President Tinubu and his team as they strive to fix our beloved country.
Let us rally behind our leader as he navigates the treacherous terrain of Nigeria’s challenges. Let us work together to rebuild our farms, our communities, and our nation.
Together, we can rise above the chaos and create a new era of hope and prosperity for all Nigerians.

To President Tinubu
I urge you to remain steadfast in your commitment to our great nation. Lead with integrity, wisdom, and compassion. You are the father of our nation; lead us forward with courage and vision.
Together, we can overcome the challenges that face us and build a brighter future for Nigeria.

#FixNigeria #SupportTinubu #RebuildNigeria

Dr. Christian C. Madubuko is a Political & Diplomatic Historian. A Senior Lecturer at the Department of History & International Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria, & a researcher at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Madubuko was a former Anambra Commissioner for Transport. He writes from Canberra – The Australian Capital Territory, ACT. Mobile/WhatsApp: +2348162527884

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  1. Wonderful thought my dear brother, we live by the hope that one day, ” the so called dream will become a reality” but we will continue to work harder and pray to live when the positive changes we have been dreaming of, will be a reality! Thanks for your wonderful thought sir!.

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